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Do you know that feeling when you see something, and right there, just for a second its like your heart drops a little bit? And you know that you are looking at something beautiful, not just pretty, but beautiful? 
One of these moments occurred to me in Japan when I was there for the first time and had just walked into a store with Japanese paper. At the time I had no idea what I was gonna use the paper for, but it didn't matter, because my wheels were spinning, the patterns and colors were creating associations that lead to inspiration and ideas.
My name btw is Line, and I am the owner and founder of Washi.dk. Needles to say, this encounter is in the end what drove me to open this shop, in the hope of allowing you to find THAT paper, even from across the globe.

What is washi and why? 
wa (和) = Japanese, and shi (紙) = paper. Japanese paper!
"Washi" is generally made from the beech of the Kozo tree, but the term covers approximately 81 different types of paper, so lets just say it comes in many variations.  
In Japan they have been making washi since the beginning of the 6th century, so by now they really know what they are doing. As a result washi  has certain qualities:

- Strong, even when its thin or looks fragile, because of the long kozo fibers. 
- Easy to work with. Even when you only have a glue-stick and a scissor for kids. You can even iron it. 
Beautiful. Techniques perfected over centuries show, and this counts for the patterns and colors as well.

All in all this means that your craft-experience is taken to a new level.
There is a washi for everyone, and I hope that in the selection of this small shop, you can find one (or more!) for you.

About Washi.dk
In the shop you will find paper from all over Japan - my travel took me from urban studios and artists in Tokyo to the small washi village Echizen. I have gathered papers from passionate providers and dug them out from piles of leftovers. Every paper and pattern has been chosen not because it was fancy or expensive, but because it had potential to be transformed into something great, be it your next hand bound notebook, your collage artwork, giftwrapping for your crazy aunt or maybe just a magnificent piece of paper in a frame on your wall! 

If you have any questions or comments, contact me!

With Love, 
Line Suenaga
Owner and founder of Washi.dk