Black magic glitter confetti paper

Black magic glitter confetti paper

This gorgeous paper has a sparkly top-coat of silver and gold glitter in different sizes on an otherwise matte black surface. Apart form the glitter, these sheets have dark-purple paper fibers that ads a soft and fluid look, and together with the glitter it catches the light as you turn it. Its pure black magic. 

The texture is reminiscent of regular craft paper; thicker than copy-paper and it keeps the shape when you fold it. No light shines through it, and it has a clear back- and front-side with the back being purely black. 
Each sheet is 70 x 50 cm. Double sized (100 x 70) sheets available on request (email: hello@washi.dk).

Please note: Don't cuddle the paper too much, as glitter might fall off. If you plan on using it for notebooks or other surfaces that has to withstand a lot of contact, consider fixing it with fixative spray or a thin layer of mod podge or similar. 
39.95 DKK