Bordeaux antique spot marbled paper

Bordeaux antique spot marbled paper

This beautiful marbled piece is made on bordeaux paper of a thicker quality with white and two shades of blue. The blue mixes slightly with the color of the paper and creates a stunning purple look. The white stands out clearly.
The surface of the paint is matte, but the paper has a hint of shine when it catches the light, which creates a subtle but intriguing effect.

This A4 sheet is handmade by Tokyo-based artist Sakiko. All of her sheets are "50% made by me, and 50% made by the water and paint" as she explains, and they are therefore all 100% unique and one of a kind, no reproductions.
washi.dk is at this point the only retailer of her work in the world, and she is super excited to see what you will make with this paper!

Only 1 sheet available!
34.95 DKK