Dimgrey peacock marbled washi

Dimgrey peacock marbled washi

This grey peacock marble consists of layers of nuances with colors ranging from yellow to aquamarine and blue. With quirky shapes this otherwise classic pattern has become a cute versatile sheet.
The paper is see-through, and if you place it on top of a different colored paper, that color will shine through. 
The front is smooth and the backside has a more structured feel.

This A4 sheet is handmade by Tokyo-based artist Sakiko. All of her sheets are "50% made by me, and 50% made by the water and paint" as she explains, and they are therefore all 100% unique and one of a kind, no reproductions.
washi.dk is at this point the only retailer of her work in the world, and she is super excited to see what you will make with this paper!

Only 1 sheet available.
34.95 DKK