Orange greenery handmade washi paper

Orange greenery handmade washi paper

This bold greenery consist of stencil-like orange statement plants on a contrasting navy background. The backside of the paper is white and reveal the structure of the paper.  The paper is leaning to the thick side, but soft and strong.
Both print and paper is handmade. The print is made by first printing the blue dye onto the paper. Then the space in between the orange plants is hand painted with a masking liquid. The orange is printed on top, and the masking liquid is removed.

The paper comes from Yamamoto Fumido, a 4th generation family business that is over 100 years old and located in Kyoto. They have been specializing in washi from the beginning and can source the best and most beautiful washi.

Each sheet is 38 x 30 cm
45.95 DKK