Pastel wallpaper striped chiyogami

Pastel wallpaper striped chiyogami

This powerful chiyogami is like an amped up version of granny's wallpaper. It comes with a mix of modern and traditional floral patterns in vertical stripes, and the colors range from pastel blue to hot pink but are all tied together by silver stripes and silver outline-details on top. 
The silver is superb and shiny, reflecting the light as you turn the paper, sometimes appearing almost white while other times looking darker. 

Each sheet is 66 x 50 cm and it is slightly thicker than regular copy paper with a smooth front side and a more textured backside.
These sheets comes from Wacca Paper in Tokyo, where they aim to connect modern lifestyle with Japanese washi paper culture by finding new uses and markets for it (thats you! :-D) and thereby allowing papermakers to make more experimental paper and continuously build on a century long tradition!  
These sheets are real pieces of art.
49.95 DKK