Soft yellow fiber and sparkle paper

Soft yellow fiber and sparkle paper

This soft yellow paper comes with white, slightly shiny paper fibers embedded in the surface together with flecks of gold and silver glitter. The effect is subtle but adds an interesting dimension to the solid pastel yellow. The yellow color leans towards banana ice cream but the inlaid paper fibers adds an almost soft and furry matte finish.
The backside is slightly more textured than the smooth front and the paper is approximately same thickness as copy paper but softer (feels a tiny bit like fabric), stronger and keeps its shape without being stubborn.

Each sheet is 80 x 63,5 cm and was found in a deadstock-pile (might be the last of its kind) in a paper shop in Echizen, a paper village with traditions for making paper that dates back to the 6th century.   
39.95 DKK